Dr Philip Button


Agrifood Research Central ... an institute dedicated to research excellence in food science and agriculture, through our three research divisions.  We aspire to be a research, scholarly and intellectual powerhouse for all disciplines across the diversity in food science, food technology, nutrition, dietetics and agriculture.

Division of Dietetics and Nutrition
Division of Food Safety and Quality 
Division of Food Security
Division of Food Technology 

Our other services include:
• Community workshops 
• Workplace lunchtime seminars 
• Tutoring
• Online courses
• Meet a scientist program (school incursions and children's birthday parties)

Purchase tickets to our upcoming workshops via the links below:

Saturday 7 October - Lynbrook, Victoria
• The raw food movement - should I follow?

• Truths about organic food.

• Cancer risk from food - should I be concerned?

• Eating green - environmentally sustainable food choices

Saturday 14 October - Lynbrook, Victoria
• Healthy food choices 

Saturday 4 November - Baldivis, Western Australia
Workshop program available soon.